Child Development Classes

Designed for babies and toddlers

Our lessons and space are designed for babies and toddlers aged 6 weeks to 4 years. From sensory to movement in each class our space caters for all the activities

Trained Staff

Lessons are taught by our amazing staff who will support you throughout the class. For our little babies each lesson will include some baby massaging guided by our trained staff.

45 Minute Classes

Little Play is a 45 minute class for you and your little one to join in each week to help support their developmental milestones.

Our Classes

Our Focus is to create classes where your little ones are stimulated and challenged each week. We create weekly lessons that are age appropriate with a focus on their developmental milestones.

2.5 - 4 Years

Little Play Big Tots

This class is aimed for little ones who are aged 2.5- 4 years old and are well and truly exploring and climbing.
1.5- 2.5 Years

Little Play Tots

This class is designed for little ones who are walking and exploring.
12-18 months

Little Play Walkers

A class designed for little ones who are showing signs of walking or who have already started walking.
6-12 months

Little Play Crawlers

This class is designed for babies who are showing signs of crawling, beginning to crawl and already crawling.
4-8 months

Little Play Sitters

This class is designed for babies who are beginning to sit or who are already sitting.
6 weeks - 4 months

Little Play Parent group

A class designed for parents or guardians to meet and socialise with other parents of new babies.