Rules of Play


Little Play Pty Ltd ABN 16 665 994 927 trading as Little Play (herein referred to as ‘Little Play’, ‘Educators’ ‘we’, ‘our’, or ‘us’) offers a Membership-only space for Children’s play classes, sensory classes, movement classes and how to perform baby massage.

Little Play is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for our Little Play Community. This includes following all applicable laws, maintaining appropriate qualifications, and developing procedures and policies to objectively identify, manage and minimise risks and encourage an attitude of shared responsibility for compliance when it comes to Members, Educators and of course your Little Ones.

We have developed these Rules of Play to and help outline the responsibilities of each member of our community.

If you have any questions, please contact us via: [email protected]


Whilst we will take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe play environment, Participation in Little Play classes is at your own risk.

Class curriculums are developed by both primary school educator and occupational therapists and facilitated by appropriately qualified educators.

Due to the nature of the Classes, participation will be required by both parents/guardians and children. Parents/ Guardian are solely responsible for assessing both their own, and their child’s ability, age and fitness to participate in any particular class and book into appropriate classes.

Information about each class can be found on our website.

Where Little Play team members observe that a Child or Parent is unable to participate in part or all of a class, or where they have brought more than one child, they may privately ask the Parent to sit out or rebook into another class.

It is a condition of entry that each child is always supervised and remains the always remain the responsibility of their respective Parent/Guardian during their time at Little Play. This includes that Parents/Guardians must remain with their child during the class times. At no time is a child permitted to be alone or unsupervised.

Little Play is not and does not have childcare or creche facilities.


All Members agree to display, promote, and encourage safe and respectful behavior to fellow members, their family members, and Little Play educators. This includes but it not limited to:

• Booking into classes that are appropriate for the age, fitness and ability of the parent/guardian and child;
• Being polite, kind, and courteous to others;
• Using inclusive, respectful language;
• Respect the privacy of others;
• Listening to instructions provided by Educators;
• Arriving 10 minutes prior to start time of your session; and
• Not bringing additional children to classes where they have not been booked into.

Any action that is considered inappropriate including rude, offensive, or profane language, physical behaviour, as determined at the sole discretion of Little Play, will be asked to leave the premises.

Our Educators will also:

• All hold first aid qualifications and have police clearance checks;
• Hold appropriate qualifications for facilitation of their class;
• wear a uniform and/or a name badge so they are clearly identifiable;
• Not be alone with any child;
• Ask parents/guardians permission to appropriately touch a child to provide correction for positions;
• Give Parents/guardian guidance that is fair, respectful, and appropriate.



Our Educators may, for the purpose of internal training and quality control measures, record portions or whole classes.

Our Educators will notify Members at the beginning of a class if recording is taking place, whereby the Member may opt out of being filmed. Photos or recordings of classes will NOT be published or used in any promotional material unless written consent has been provided by the Member (and member’s child) who features in the material.

Consent may be withdrawn at any time and whilst Little Play will retain the ownership of this media, any request from a Member to remove the images will be done so as soon as reasonably practical (but by no later than 2 business days from the date of the request.

We ask that any requests for removal of photos be sent via email to [email protected] with the subject line ‘urgent photo removal request’.


Members are permitted to take photos or videos during their classes where they agree that:

• photographs/videos only feature their individual child/children (unless consent has been sought from another member to include their child/ children);
• photographs/videos should not be taken if disruptive to the class;
• Educators should be asked if they consent to be included in photos and have the right not to be photographed/filmed if they request;
• Filming of large portions or entire classes are not permitted; and
• Under no circumstances are photographs or filming permitted in change rooms or bathrooms facilities.

Members and educators are equally encouraged to raise any issues or concerns with Little Play Managers on site in relation to any breaches of privacy.

Little Play reserves the right to inspect, stop or delete any images/video material if we suspect inappropriate photography and escalate the matter to appropriate authorities if necessary.

Inappropriate photography or videos taken by a member will result in immediate termination of membership.

If you are posting on your social media, please be sure to tag @littleplayperth and use #littleplayperthadventures so we can see the fun you are having!


Make up classes are available throughout the term. They are only valid within the 10 week term block and expire after your term finished. Makeup classes are subject to class availability.


Some of our facilities and classes are only accessible via a short stairwell. If you have any mobility issues or would like further information, we kindly ask you to contact us on 0419706686 prior to any class booking.

Rooms and equipment will be regularly cleaned and/or sanitised between classes (as applicable). Please notify our Educators if you see anything that requires our attention.

What to wear
We ask that all Members (including children) wear or bring socks to their Class and wear comfortable, appropriate clothing to be actively involved in the classes. We appreciate clothing not featuring any profanity or insensitive slogans or statements.

In accordance with the Membership terms and conditions[insert hyperlink to the Terms page], Parents/Guardians warrant that any child they are responsible for at Little Play is fully vaccinated in accordance with the National Immunisation Program.

For the safety of all Members who may experience allergies, we kindly ask that snack items are not brought into the space unless they are free of common allergens including but not limited to Nuts, Shellfish and Eggs.

Facilities on site
Ground Level
Pram Parking & Classroom 1

Level One (up a short stairwell)
Bathrooms (including baby changing table) & Classroom two
[insert floor plan of space]

Example: Limited parking available on site, but surrounding streets have free parking available
[insert map of entry / surrounding streets]

In the event of an emergency, please follow all directions of Little Play Educators. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Emergency Exits (which are clearly labelled and free of obstruction) should an evacuation be required. If you require medical attention at any time during a class or whilst on the Little Play premises, you acknowledge that we will share the relevant information provided by you on your Member Registration with emergency response or paramedic personnel. You will be solely responsible for any costs associated with said treatment. We recommend that Parents/Guardians maintain appropriate insurance and have medical information easily accessible.

Birthdays / Events @ Little Play
Little Play may offer the space for rent for Children’s birthday parties or events. Any event booking will be subject to availability and maximum number of attendees strictly enforced. Event organisers may need to pay a security deposit and sign additional documentation, including an events waiver. For more information on

Members are encouraged to alert Little Play educators of ANY breach of these Rules of Play.